11 April 2014

Crua lung cheoi

We went for dinner with friends on the weekend to a great restaurant near the Eastern hotel (it's actually a block back towards the park / lake side).  The name of the restaurant is Crua lung cheoi (written in karaoke Thai as Pii Kob calls it).  When trying to spot it, look for the red "globes" handing out front.

A regional specialty here is moo cha muang.  Neither Mr John or I had ever come across this dish and it was aroy mak mak (very delicious).  The pork (moo) is super moist as if slow cooked and there's a slight sweetness to the sauce.  If you're ever here, get to this restaurant and order this dish if nothing else.

Of course, as there were five of us, that's not all we ordered.  We had crispy grouper with came with a sour and spicy pickle that was really good, mushrooms, prawns served with a fish sauce and a tamarind dip.  We'll definitely add this to the list for Leon's next visit.

This week has seen us doing coffee, swimming in the pool and preparing for Songkran.  This festival is to celebrate the Thai new year and I'll tell you more about it next week after we've recovered but it's a water festival and Mr John and I have our super-soakers at the ready.  Sooooo looking forward to it. 
Hope you all enjoy your weekend whatever your plans and Gareth, don't overdo it today even though it's your birthday x

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