18 April 2014

Green fingers

As Chan settles back down to its default sleepy state, we're suffering a little from the post Songkran blues.  April is living up to its reputation as the hottest month and I occasionally get the urge to "do a Songkran" that is, tip a bowl of water over myself whilst fully clothed.

I purposely waited to post todays update because I was hoping to inform you all that Mr John had his new visa etc. etc. however, whilst he has signed everything at the school, we're waiting on some letter before he can get the new visa.  His current one expires at the end of this month, but we're pretty certain it'll all be ok.  For that reason however, we've not yet gone away on holiday we were concerned we might be forced to leave the country and of course school starts in mid-May so we're getting a bit twitchy.   Hopefully we'll managed a few days away in early May.

We came back to the house the other day when I noticed that half the leaves had fallen off my lime treeI can't believe the trauma one small tree can give feel completely jinxed with this thing.  I still lament the end of my seven beautiful flowers.  And yes, I probably should have grabbed the leaves, chopped and frozen them for a steady supply of lime leaf but I was too slow.  Today however, we came back from coffee and it seems like all of a sudden there are three lovely little limes growing.  Hopefully this is all a good sign and any time away will not result in further loss.

Other exciting news is that nephew 1 - the number refers to the fact that he is the first born of the nephews and nieces and not necessarily the favourite bet they are all wondering which is the favourite hee, hee, hee - has a job in Hong Kong that begins August 1.  We're thrilled for him and as an added bonus we might just get free accommodation when we visit for the Rugby 7s. 

For all those in Christian countries, have a lovely Easter.  There's no sign of it here but we might just have a chocolate bar on Sunday to keep with tradition.

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