26 May 2014

Life continues..

I'm struggling to piece together my post for today.  There is so much happening here, though mainly in Bangkok, that it feels foolish not to refer to it.  At the same time, life in sleepy Chan goes on as usual and there's really no need to be concerned about us.  Having said that, it has been lovely getting messages and calls from our friends and family to check up on us.  I hope the following can convey the ordinary and extra-ordinary things going on around us.

Our long weekend was really rather lovely.  I made potato salad on Friday and Wicus joined us for dinner and a small sherry yeah right all to the accompaniment of Mr John's playlist as there was still no TV.  In fact, channels didn't start broadcasting again until later on Saturday thankfully as Mr John was spitting feathers over his lack of rugby.

Other than the broadcasting restrictions and Britain's BBC and America's CNN are just a couple of the international news services that are still off air there is little sign of the coup here in Chan.  I did see a truck of soldiers in camouflage gear going the opposite way to me on my way to the laundrette but that's it.

The news from Bangkok appears not so great with anti-coup protestors now taking to the streets resulting in the 37th announcement from the junta and civil laws suspended  according to the Bangkok Post.  Not only that but a couple of journalists have been detained and some business leaders summons to a meeting.  Meanwhile, the Senate has been dissolved and I really don't know how this whole thing is going to pan out. 

On a brighter note! 

There's always a silver lining though in any situation and ours was that Yas, Mr John's fellow grade 6 teacher, had baked about 100 cupcakes on Thursday evening before the announcement of the school closures on Friday.  She very kindly gave us a dozen and they were absolutely delicious.

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