23 June 2014

Bits 'n' Bobs

Well, it was quite a busy week.  In fact so much so, I forgot to post anything on Friday.  Definitely losing it I think. 

Some exciting news is that Tom now has a smart phone.   He's still trying to figure out how it works and when his friend in Bangkok video called him, he kept putting the phone up to his mouth.  I suspect his mate got a good look up his nose bless him.  I'm sure we all remember the first time we held our smart phones.  I remember getting to grips with mine fairly quickly but then spending hours trying to find the number keypad so I could make a normal call.

You may have read about the Fruit Festival and it is on at the right time, when everything seems to blooming.  We've been kindly given huge bags of mangosteen, rambutan, and lychees mostly from John's fellow teachers and of course our lovely corner shop folk.  The other day, when I was having coffee with my friend Kik, I was lucky enough to be given dragon fruit.  The lady behind the bar had picked them that morning from her tree and it was really delicious.  It's a more delicate flavour than the stone fruit we've had.

Speaking of our friend Kik, I was lucky enough to be taken to a "restaurant" on Wednesday run by Pii May.  I use the term restaurant loosely as it's just the covered side of her house and she's the only one who does the cooking plus you can't even tell it's a restaurant when you arrive.  I had a seafood spaghetti that was, without doubt, the best meal I've had in this country.  It was like a fusion of Italian and Thai cuisine. 

Pii May is married to a farang so I think her palate has been expanded and certainly her English is excellent.  Opening hours vary and usually require a phone call to check.  For all these reasons, I'm not going to divulge where it is but will take any overseas visitors here.

It seems no weekend is truly complete without brunch at the Lollipop CafĂ© and having had a late night on Saturday with friends Wicus and Ake, we headed here yesterday for brunch.  Mr John opted for the Eggs Benedict which he enjoyed, though Wicus was not so impressed.  He'd turned up after us to order the eggs only to find Mr John had eaten the last portion.  Oopsie! 

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