22 August 2014

All in the news

I can't believe it's Friday already, though Mr John has been of the opinion that this week would never end.  I think he's still tired from Mondays' trip and he's taken to exercising with teacher Russ.  In fact, we had dinner with him and his lovely wife Ann on Wednesday.  Man that girl can cook.  We had the most amazing khao soi and not only that, she's promised to teach me how to do it.

Speaking of food and I seem to do that a lot, Mr John found sardines for me the other week.  He is totally not a fan, just like he doesn't like anchovy I know, weird right.  This may not seem very news worthy but so far here I've only found sardines in tomato sauce. Every tin, big or small, I can't get over it and I don't like it so I was thrilled when he came home with these.  It's the same brand as the baked beans we get, so I figure it's a brand that suits us.

I mentioned the other day how lucky we'd been this year with the rain then I watched the Thai news in English of course. There are 30 provinces that are currently in flood.  There's 77 provinces here so that's getting close to half the country. In fact, there was a flash flood in Nan province  on Tuesday evening and a 60 year old man is missing.  Hopefully this will turn into a good news story.

Speaking of the news, everyone was shocked yesterday when General Prayuth was voted in as the 29th Prime Minister.  The National Legislative Assembly voted 191 to 0 in favour of the motion.  The result will now go to the King for further endorsement.  But I digress.

So we're off to Pattaya this weekend to see Expendables 3.  We also have a couple of other films on a standby list but it'll depend on what time we arrive and what time we get organised on Sunday morning!  We've booked a different hotel one with a bath so you can look forward to the update next week don't worry there won't be any bath photos.  Pii Kob has very kindly lent us his car again, so road trip it is.  Hope you all have a good weekend.

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