18 August 2014

Sleepless in Chan

Being a short week, last week went by in a blur.  And so much for the rainy season, compared with last year we've had very little rain.  Not only that but the temperature shot up again over the weekend.  Most of our time was spent trying to cool down!  We're starting to get excited though about our coming weekend in Pattaya and have lined up some movies to go and watch.

I have to tell you though about last night don't worry there won't be any of those sort of personal details.  Mr John has been asked again to go to Bangkok with the school.  I believe it's all the winners of the recent competition he attended and a show of foreign teachers.  Anyway, the bus left school this morning at 5 am yes people 5 am! 

We usually go and see Pii Kob at Hang Out on a Sunday evening as he gets really busy the rest of the week.  We don't drink well sometime I do as Mr John won't drink and ride and we get to have a good catch up.  As Mr John had to be up so early today the alarm was set for 04:15 we stayed in last night and he was settling himself into bed just gone nine.  

Have you ever had to get up unusually early?  Maybe it was for holiday or maybe for work but I bet you any money you didn't sleep properly the night before.  The time you need to get up often plays on your mind and when it's important that you don't oversleep it somehow impacts on your getting to sleep at all.  Well that was pretty much how it was in our house last night.

Mr John never has trouble sleeping.  I remember a few years ago now he said to me one night "I don't feel very sleeping tonight, I'm not sure I'll be able to .... zzzzzzzzzz".  Seriously, he fell asleep before he'd even got the sentence out.  Not last night though.  At midnight he was still awake - not a good sign.

I woke up this morning and it was still dark.  The bedding to my right was in a clump.  I looked at the clock beside the bed and it seemed to say 5 am there is a light in it but I have enough trouble reading anything nowadays without it being so early in the morning.  I staggered out of bed to check the clock in the kitchen as I wanted to be certain.  Sure enough it was 5 am!!  I burst back into the bedroom, clock in hand, and declared to Mr John "IT'S 5 AM"!!

That's when I noticed that his side of the bed was empty, his clothes that he'd thoughtfully put out the night before had gone and darkness was both inside and outside the house.  What an idiot!!  I too must have been stressing for him somehow.  So he's on his way, hopefully safe and definitely completely oblivious of my screamed announcement.  


  1. oops! I've done that before. What is it with boys' ability to fall asleep so quickly?! Greg is a same, sadly I am not.

    1. It's annoying right? I'm just glad no-one else was in the house to hear me :-))


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