12 March 2015

The first wave

Wow, what a fantastic time we have had with Anne & Graham. I hope you were following our exploits on Instagram. What an easy App to use and I will definitely be making further use of it as the holiday season is upon us. So you may want to consider getting an account if you don't already have one so you can keep up with what's happening. So, Anne & Graham stayed at the Kasamsarn Hotel and I can't believe I've never covered this place so I'll put that on my "to do" list
It's very handy to the old town and our house so perfect for having a small sherry of an evening! In fact the Tamajum bar was well and truly visited, several times! There is also ample parking at the hotel and as Pii Kob was kind enough to lend us his car for their visit, it was perfect.
Vietnamese Food was a big hit for brunch and we ate there twice. Lollipop Cafe was where you could often find them though and it was lovely to join them for breakfast there. When I booked the hotel, I decided against including breakfast at 150 baht a day mostly because there's enough places around to eat at and omelette at Tom's is only 30 baht.  We really did do all the sights too like the Catholic churchKing Taksin ShipyardLaem Sing.
We ate at some favourites Pu NimBlack Sheep and a new place which deserves it's own mention Meneechan Resort. Of course no trip to us would be complete without regular coffee stops and so we did Doi ChaangBrunchDelight Cafe and Koff House another one for the list!

There was one night, however that sticks in my mind which was the night I decided we would have take-away pizza. We've used Pizza Company before and can order on-line for delivery though this does often mean Tom literally waving his hands and chasing down the pizza motorbike because they can't find our house! For various reasons, we needed to go to Tesco Lotus which is our nearest pizza place and so I thought I'd take care of "dinner" whilst Anne & Graham did a bit of shopping.

It was all so easy, with the use of the menu, to get my order taken until I asked about size. I should point out that some Thai people have trouble finishing words in English because they don't use all the letters in the Thai language and they think English is the same. I swear, this is the exact conversation I had:

Me: What size is the medium pizza?
Her: 6 sli 
Me: OK but how big is 6 slices making a circle with my hands
Her: 6 sli looking at me like I have special needs
Me: OK. How big is the large pizza?
Her: 8 sli
Me: trying not to giggle, I lunge at a nearby table, waving my finger in a circle over the dinner plate that's on top  Large?
Her: No
Me: Medium?
Her: No
Finally, she heads to the shelf where the cooked pizzas come out from the kitchen totally frustrated by this stupid farang who just doesn't get it, speaks to one of the "chefs" and returns holding the metal plates they cook the pizza on
Me: Double Cheese 6 sli, Meat Feast 8 sli 

I was exhausted. And it was two for one special offer time so we had loads of pizza, in fact so much we had two dinners out of it.

Look out for the next instalment of the visit which includes our trip to Bangkok

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