02 February 2016

Just one more..

I hope you've been following our exploits on Instagram. It certainly felt like an action packed holiday with Rachel here. It was lovely seeing her and she seemed to enjoy getting to know the real Thailand.

We spent some quality girlie time in Bangkok so that Rachel could get over her flight and see a bit of the big city. We stayed at a great place - PT Court Hotel - but honestly, it was so good, it needs its own post so I'll save the details for another day.

Of course, no Mrs John trip would be complete without a good walk around Wat Pho. It's pretty impressive, reasonably priced and you can always find a good Pad Thai nearby. We also visited Cheap Charlies and the Saxaphone Pub which are personal favourites.

Back in Chanthaburi, we took in the familiar sights. Rachel found the lake at six o'clock to be a little unnerving and slightly scary and no, I'm still not going to tell you, you have to visit for that one . We agree but to be fair most visitors are so flummoxed they rarely voice this particular reaction. Interesting.

Before too long, it was time to head to our favourite island Koh Mak. Mr Peak, manager of the Good Time resort met us at the pier to take us to our villa. He's a lovely man and can't do enough for you. There was some new building going on, don't panic nothing high rise but of course it's always concerning when you see your island paradise changing. Right next to Good Time, going down the hill, is Kitchen Maam. It's a convenience store with tables out front. The people here are lovely and we never had a bad meal. Prices range from 60 - 150 baht per dish on average and you can get any drink from the shop fridge and it'll be added to your bill.

Rachel covering up at Wat Pho
We've never been to the island during high season before. It made it difficult to find accommodation and we didn't know how it would be, but we still hardly saw anyone. Isn't that amazing? It didn't feel busy at all although there were subtle differences like all the tables at Food Art Hut being taken instead of us being the only customers. It was a great place for Rachel to feel like she'd actually been on a beach holiday and not just hung around some back water in eastern Thailand. Thanks for coming all this way to see us Rach!

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