16 May 2016


Wow, what an amazing summer Mr John and I have had. Our five week break in the UK was terrific. We ate too much, drank too much and laughed too much but isn't that what life is all about? We had an incredible time and even got some sight seeing done in London. I promise I will share our exploits with you over the coming weeks.

Loch Tummel, Scotland
In the meantime, I hope you followed our travels on Instagram. Remember, you don't even need an account with them to check out our photos. Speaking of which, I was thrilled last week when British Airways included one of our past holiday photos in their #FlyBA flipagram.

Anyway, I thought it would be good to get back into the swing of things by welcoming all the new and returning teachers to Chanthaburi. So Welcome!

We're having a very unusual heat-wave at the moment honestly, I've never known it this hot in our three years here. At least you have a lovely air-conditioned office to spend your day in. Make the most of it and only venture out when absolutely necessary by this I mean to get coffee, naturally. Of course, it really is just a fabulous excuse to eat some home-made ice-cream

To save all you lovely people from trawling this blog, here are some quick links to get you going

Immigration  You will become painstakingly familiar with this place during your stay. Your first encounter will be 90 days from the date you entered the country if you had the right visa. Have a good look at your passport because when they stamped it you will notice that it tells you to report every 90 days but won't have recorded a date. Get that calendar out and start counting people.

Top Tips  There's a variety of topics covered here including using talc, where to swim after work and the cheapest way to get your clothes washed unless you're fortunate to have access to your own washing machine

Food Stuff  Just about everything here tastes sweet even bread and butter. We've tried a lot of things to get a taste we can live with so hopefully these suggestions and others here will come in handy

And finally, to all the girls out there, DON'T put your handbag on the ground when your purse is still in it. If you put it down, take the purse out and put it on your table. Your money is in your purse, money has pictures printed on it go on, have a good look at any denomination and that means it should ever be near the ground. Most places expect you to use a stool for your handbag, so don't be shy.

Please feel free to search any of the topics you see and get in touch if you need any other information. Remember, this is only my take on things here in town according to my taste buds.

Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK  for the coming year everyone

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