13 October 2016

Spring Airlines

I considered naming this "how to survive a no frills airline in China" but that's way to long a title. So, you may remember I mentioned jetting off to Bangkok to spend some quality time with Anne, Graham and the family. It worked out better time wise to get to single tickets with different airlines and I thought you might be interested in my experience with Spring Airlines

Actually, the airline itself is quite good. Planes were clean and staff were efficient. It's the passengers that add that certain "je ne sais quoi".

There were a lot of people checking in with no specific counters for various flights. The line kept moving though and the staff spoke good English. There were a few ladies who'd over packed and ended up opening their cases at the desk to try taking thngs out to meet the luggage allowance of 15 kg. Actually 5 kg is carry on (maximum) and checked is 10 kg.

Once checked in, you pass through the appropriate security and passport controls as usual. The next thing you see is everyone filling their reuseable water bottles. Only 1 RMB roughly GBP£0.12 / AUD$0.20 / USD$0.15 / EUR0.13 to get sterilised water and you're good to go.

The queuing issue that you hear about before you arrive here is not as big a problem as I expected, though we did end up stuck in the tunnel to the plane because they hadn't opened the doors before calling people through.

On the plane was yet another matter. The seats don't move AT ALL. My advice is, if you have a travel pillow, take it. If, like me, you forget your pillow, just pop your tray table down and put your head on it. This was the approach taken by many of my fellow passengers. Can you believe that's what those tables are for?

Of course, you don't actually want to use them for food. You pay for food and drink when you book your ticket. As you can imagine, it's silly prices and the photo's make you want to reach for the bin rather than the buy button. Seems my fellow travellers agreed with me. There was a variety of "picnics" going on. Some passengers had clearly cooked at home and popped it into a plastic lid container. 

Goodness knows what condition it was in as my unprepared chocolate Kit Kat bar (purchased in Duty Free - the only source of buying food in my terminal) had begun to melt even before take off. So there were people eating rice, peeling oranges and one enterprising row had bought a KFC meal - before even going through security - which they seemed to enjoy. Personally, cold french fries have never done it for me. Oh, and don't get me started on the outfits. One lady in her 60s proved that there is indeed no upper age limit when it comes to Hello Kitty as she dragged her Kitty shaped carry on case through Immigration Control.

The good news is that you can join in the exercises with the air crew prior to landing. Sadly I was too late to join in as the English version didn't come on until it was all over. So there you have it. But just one final pearl of wisdom - the air-conditioning blows hot and cold so hand on to that souvenir fan as it will come in handy I don't think being a woman of a certain age had anything to do with it.

Overall, I would fly with this airline again as long as it was no more than 5 hours. The trip to Bangkok was about 4.5 and that was fine. Anything longer than that and I'd want a little more pampering.

I have not been paid anything by Spring Airlines for this post. The opinions are my own personal experience of flying with this airline. Other airlines are available.

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