24 February 2014

Latte Coffee House

We decided we'd pay our internet bill on Sunday at Robinson.  The weather was roasting and of course no trip out is complete without the obligatory coffee shop visit.  There's a shop recently opened on the road where The Hang Out is, not long after the right hand turn from the bridge.

Inside was really nicely decorated with lots of comfortable looking chairs but was absolutely packed and so we had to sit out the back.  The courtyard at the back looks out onto the river and occasionally there was a cool breeze.  Unfortunately, the breeze was few and far between and so we were pretty hot even though we'd bagged a table in the shade.  Perhaps going earlier in the day may have been prudent. 

This is one of the pricier coffee shops in town however the cake selection is huge and tastes really good.  I had a Tiramisu cake and Mr John ordered the Strawberry Bavarian cake.  They were both to die for, trust me.  At 89 and 99 baht respectively, we will have to limit our visits here (that's a lot of meals), but they also do a variety of macaroons so we'll have to test drive those.  The coffee is also excellent. 

With free Wi-Fi and sit down toilets, if you could manage to get a seat inside where it's air-conditioned, I can imagine spending quite a while here with either the newspaper or a good book.

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