21 February 2014

The local scene

Leon has found it a huge advantage to come to a place where tourists are few and far between and have "locals" show him around.  He's enjoyed meeting our Thai as well as western friends.  Here's an overview of our local trips.

It's been pretty action packed, and has involved a lot of food!  Arriving back in Chan on Sunday night, we took him to The Hang Out to meet some of our teacher mates.  With Mr John at work for the first three days, I took him to Doi Chaang for coffee with our very good friend Pii Kob, Vietnamese Food for brunch with the obvious look around the Catholic Cathedral and then spent the rest of the day at the Maneechan Resort pool.

You can use the pool for the day but it is quite expensive (by Chan standards) at 300 baht per person.  This allows you to use the pool and gym facilities.  I have to say it was very swish and the latte we had was very good.  As you can see, it wasn't over-crowded.

We walked the town centre and looked at the temples, had coffee with Mr John at Vintage followed by lunch at Timeless.  With Mr John joining us in the evenings we also did a walk of the lake and watched (no we didn't join in) the free aerobics class at the side of the lake whilst enjoying a fair few meals with Tom at the corner shop.

A highlight (if I can call it that) was the trip to Robinson market and the bugs that both the boys ate.  I stayed firmly behind the camera and away from this gourmet delicacy!  I did however join in when we went to Svenssons for ice cream where I had waffles.

The boys headed off to Koh Chang for a three night break and had a very good time.  Of course the Friday was Valentines day and whilst Mr John and I do not buy into all the commercialism, I did try and give him a bit of grief - as is my wifely prerogative!  So he came home with two lovely sarongs for me.  There are some photos flying around, but I think it's best to leave them where they are.  Needless to say they were pretty tired when they got back.

We had a fabulous trip to Pu Nim restaurant with Pii Kob, which Leon found amazing, the day before he left - which I have to say came all too soon.  And so the last day dawned.  Not having a car is no hindrance to getting around here, so Mr John popped back from work and loaded Leon and his suitcase (held between his knees) for the trip to the bus station.  I got away with just taking the hand luggage strapped to my bike seat. 

Speaking of bikes, Leon had his obligatory "accident" here.  Thankfully it was right near the house with no traffic around and he was absolutely fine.  Pride definitely more damaged than his body as it was in front of the rather crowded corner shop!

We loved having him here and he's so easy going.  I'll see if we can manage to get a little guest blog spot off him for his own observations of how he found his visit.  He has also threatened promised to come back again next year.  As with all things in life, we'll have to see how that goes, but here in Chan we have our fingers crossed.

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