19 March 2014

All quiet on the eastern front

The highlight of my week so far (I know, I need to get out more) is that I have figured out the TV set top box.  This might seem an anti-climax but when you live in a country where your language is not the countries language, believe me, it's a real success. 

Firstly I managed to change all the instructions to English - remember, to do this, I was confronted with nothing but written Thai.  Then I put all our English channels (all 17 of them) on to favourites so that we don't have to remember the channel numbers.  Now we can get the TV guide up and chose the best of a bad bunch for our evening entertainment!

Mr John only has a eight days left at school - he's not sure if there's a requirement to turn up on Monday, 31st so maybe nine days.  His teaching English to the Thai teachers seems to be going well and he's enjoying it more than having to look busy at his desk.

I keep mentioning my limited facility cooking - probably to the point of boredom - but a good search of the Internet has resulted in my finding an oven alternative.  I intend to give this a go as soon as I can find a suitably sized cardboard box.  This could be very interesting and naturally, I'll update you on the results.

We live such a cocooned life here in Chan that we feel slightly removed from a lot of the news we hear.  The political unrest has quietened down in Bangkok and the state of emergency decree has been lifted today.  This is meant to encourage tourists back to Thailand and in particular Bangkok.  There are currently six independent agencies opening political peace talks.  This doesn't mean everyone is "at the table" with the "opposition" currently rejecting all talks.  It seems every side is claiming it is near to victory without there being any real evidence of this. 

The lack of progress on finding the Malaysian missing plane (which is just awful and really weird at the same time) means that new bulletins here are starting to focus on how air traffic is set to triple in the next 20 years in the Asia / Pacific area and whether the infrastructure can cope with it. 
We don't even have a train line yet between Bangkok and Chan!

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