24 March 2014

Easter Saturday?

Well, it was in 2008 I remember it well.  You see we've just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary (though we've been together nearly twice as long as that).  We really enjoyed our wedding and still, miraculously, are enjoying married life.  It was a very quiet affair - in actual fact, we told only six people who were invited to the ceremony.  It took just 13 minutes at the registry office to get hitched and then we caught the ferry 'cross the Mersey to go to an Aussie bar for burger and beers.

One of my nieces was about to head off to Australia and I couldn't have imagined getting hitched without her there.  In fact, we used her leaving as an excuse to invite people for a drink in the evening where we announced our news.  This didn't go down too well with all the family, having kept it quiet.  But either you tell virtually no-one, or you tell everyone and we hadn't even told Mr John's parents.

It's not that I'm anti big white weddings.  Mr John's cousin had a fabulous traditional wedding and we had an absolute ball there, along with all the other guests.  It just wasn't for us.  We had a business together and had bought a house together so really we just wanted to make it all official.

But enough reminiscing.  Late Friday afternoon, there was a massive thunder and lightening storm but thankfully it really cooled things down.  On Saturday we went to Vietnamese Food for brunch and whilst there, there was another downpour but nothing as severe as Friday.  We then went off to Robinson as Mr John wanted to pick up some bits.  Just a short trip we thought followed by a good coffee down by the Lake.

Nothing out of the ordinary - right?  We did our stuff in Robinson and made our way out when we were confronted with the most torrential rain and yet more thunder.  There was no way we were going to make it anywhere so we headed back inside for coffee and a sit down.  About 20 minutes later, the storm had reduced itself to mere drizzle and as the sky didn't look great, we just headed back home.

Mr John pushed the boat out for the anniversary getting a bottle of red wine and having pizza delivered.  It was most enjoyable and only marginally bettered by the English Rugby Union matches on TV - he knows how to treat a girl.  Sunday was Australian Rugby League watching.  Lucky for him I'm not your average girlie and am quite happy watching men in shorts with leather balls....


  1. NEPHEW 1 says - thanks for putting the postcard picture up. Also, Hannah and I are worried that we may not be able to handle the influx of bookings when people see the cake.....

    1. Well obviously, who wouldn't want a cake like that one. Some of my favourite photos are on here ;-))

  2. Thank you. Aren't anniversaries another good excuse for spoiling yourself!


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