12 March 2014


We were fortunate enough to have curtains left in the apartment when we moved in.  They're not what I'd choose but it's better than nothing.  When the sun comes up it rises at the front part of the house and with the weather starting to hot up I realised they weren't going to do the job - letting heat as well as light in.

So I measured up the window and went in search of some better ones.  This proved fairly difficult but I did manage to find a single curtain that, if I was creative, I could turn into two to fit the front window.  What they really needed though was a lining.  A bit of driving around town resulted in a material shop that sold dress fabric and I settled on a cream colour that would do the trick.

It hasn't been easy as I don't have my sewing machine with me so I've had to be a little inventive and it's involved a lot of hand sewing which is very time consuming.  Still, I'm quite pleased with the results (and the double sided sticky tape has helped line it all up!).

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