10 March 2014

Normal service resumed

So having felt decidedly flat all last week, I'm feeling much better today.  It might in some part be due to the reminder from some readers that mint and lime make a great mojito!  What really helped was having a good blow out over the weekend.

The scene on Sunday morning!
It started off reasonably civilised with the usual Friday night trip to Sangchareon.  Then on Saturday night we headed back to Black Sheep Steak with our friend Wicus (and I blame him ... totally!).  We'd pushed the boat out and bought a bottle of red wine and I took a glass of it with me to have it with my dinner.  It was heaven.

Mr John was on Coke at that stage because he was riding (and as you all know won't drink) and to be fair, Wicus was on water.  Anyway, we headed back to ours and might have got a little carried away. Wicus left about 2am and we got to bed a little later.

Anyway, Sunday dawned - to be honest it was nearly midday when I surfaced, so well past the dawn stage.  I was craving a full on carb intake when I had this genius idea.  In Thailand, KFC (that's Kentucky Fried Chicken just in case you're not familiar) deliver to your door.  So we went on the website, got the English version up and off we went.  Like most delivery sites, they take an email and phone number and sure enough, Mr John got a phone call some ten minutes later.  The lady on the phone spoke reasonable English but we've noticed that directions and Thai speakers don't really go hand in hand.  I don't know what it is.  I think maybe they work in the same way as I do when I'm explaining directions - you know turn left at the big supermarket then right at the "some traditional name" pub - except our limited Thai fails us.  To get to the point, Mr John could not make himself understood with our directions, so he took the phone over to Tom (at the corner shop) and got him to speak to her.

And here's the end result!  I practically inhaled mine and unbelievably, the fries had survived the trip.  I meant to take a picture of the delivery guy on his motorbike, but realised all too late and he was nothing but dust by the time I got to the front door!

I don't imagine we'll be doing this too often because we're usually quite sensible (and it cost more than Friday nights lovely dinner), but it's great to know we can manage it . . with Tom's help!!

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  1. Newphew 1 is pleased you're feeling good again. KFC to the door sounds great! To keep you in the loop.....I've applied for 2 jobs this week. 1 in Hong Kong and 1 in the Dominican Republic. Got my English tests booked for the aussie visa and things are moving apace.


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