17 March 2014

The Unexpected

I hope you all enjoyed reading Leon's post.  It must have set off some form of karma though, because we have seen the weirdest things in the last few days.  When he said expect the unexpected, he wasn't joking.  Here's a taster.

It's blurry because he's on the move!
Sitting having dinner at Tom's (and I really must do a piece on his shop) on Thursday, this guy turned the corner right in front of us.  He hand-crafts chairs and sells them in town.  All his goods are balanced on his bike.  Amazing.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but the newspapers here are fairly graphic with their front page, colour, pictures.  This article is about a car crash about 100 kilometres from Chan (between here and Bangkok).  One car crashed into an elephant and a car behind also hit the already damaged car.  As Tom put the death toll - people 6, elephant 1. 

We keep getting messages appear on the TV at the moment.  Apparently between March 10 and 19 there will be sun outages which will impact our signal.  We're not sure whether its solar flares or sun spots but are grateful for the English message.

We headed to Robinson to pay our internet bill over the weekend - such is our rock 'n' roll lifestyle - and came across a very smiley taxi driver.  He enjoyed posing for our photo!  Certainly brightened up an otherwise boring trip.  No gorillas were hurt in the taking of this photo - it's a cuddly toy people!

And on a more normal note, we stopped at Latte Coffee House to enjoy some lovely coffee and cake.  So you see, Leon was spot on.  Expect the unexpected.  Hope this has brightened up your Monday morning.  
Happy St Patrick's Day and a very happy birthday to my nephew-in-law for today

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