07 March 2014

Weird week

Well, it has been!  I've been a bit out of sorts this week - restless, whilst doing very little.  Perhaps I need to get out more?  Anyway, I keep trying to give myself a team talk but with little success.  Mr John is being very supportive, as always.  So I guess like thousands of women across the globe I best just pull myself together and get on with it - if only it were that simple.

I failed to mention my semi-successful venture into burger making last weekend.  We couldn't get hold of crusty round rolls, so I made the burgers rectangular.  I could also only find pork mince, so they were a little bit different all round.  Still, Mr John thought they were tasty and it made a change for us.  We also spied some beef mince in one of the other supermarkets (after I'd made them of course), so next time...just you wait.

Mr John has had a lot of help from a teacher at his old school trying to get him to go back there.  The teachers are very friendly and inclusive and until he heard about the primary role, he was all set to go back.  Anyway, we thought some flowers might be nice as a thank-you and off we went to one of the nurseries in town.  I had a ball looking around and got very excited about what was on offer.  In the end we bought a flowering plant and a nice pot to go with it.

We, however, came home with a mint plant.  It smells gorgeous and although we can't get our hands on any lamb, it will go lovely in the couscous we "imported" from our trip to Australia (all two boxes).  I'll have to "google" what else you can do with mint to make sure we get full use out of it.  I've put the plant on the steps leading up to the house.  It gets the morning sun, but not too much of it as it's pretty much gone by 09:30.  I've also moved my lime tree (which is still devoid of flowers since the Princess incident don't get me started) to under the stairs. 

Mr John is still at school, though none of the pupils are.  He and the other foreign teachers are to start teaching English to the Thai teachers next week.  Apparently this happened last year except that halfway through the 10 days, the Thai teachers attendance dwindled somewhat.  Never mind.  He's also taking two classes a week after school for a lady that wants to improve her spoken English.  He's decided he wants his own iPad and the money's quite good.  It'll keep him busy during the holidays (and out from under my feet) without taxing him too much.

There, see, I told you it was a weird week.
....and a happy wedding anniversary (today) to nephew number 5 and his gorgeous wife


  1. Mint:MOJITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nephew 1

  2. pretty sure you can find something to do with mint and limes...glug glug

  3. Seem I feel better already ;-))


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