12 May 2014


I can't believe we only stumbled across this place just before the end of our holiday.  If only we'd found it sooner.  We didn't stay here and so I can give you no advice on the accommodation available but we did use the restaurant and the bar that's found at the end of the pier. 

CoCoCape is situated on northern part of Koh Mak, but faces west.  The only downside we found going here was the steep descent into the resort itself.  Whilst this isn't a problem, walking back up the hill after partaking of a few small sherries can be challenging and require yet another shower when you get back to your accommodation.

First things first - the Bar!  What an amazing place either during the day where you can watch the water and the scenery to your hearts content or at sunset when you can capture the most amazing scenes.

Chai, who speaks good English, was running the bar when we were there ably assisted by Bee.  They were very welcoming and always had a smile for you, nothing was too much trouble.  Chai can even mix a fabulous vodka and lemonade, complete with a piece of lime this is a rare skill in Thailand.

On our penultimate day we took advantage of some free snorkelling.  Wisely, there is a sign warning you to be careful of the sea urchins and I really have never seen so many.  I think there's a lot of western chefs who'd love to have access to this delicacy.  About 200 metres from the pier is some lovely fish of varying sizes and some different corals.  Mr John and I have been quite spoiled with the snorkelling we've done over the years and whilst this was not on the same scale as the Barrier Reef, we finally found some cooler water to swim in.

We had a good dinner at the restaurant with calamari and green curry.  We also spoilt ourselves with a reasonable bottle of wine.  The service was quick but not overly friendly however the food was excellent we were told to finish our bottle of wine at the pier but to bring our glasses back when we'd finished.

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