23 May 2014

It's a coup

I had a whole different post in mind for today which quite frankly involved the arm of my glasses having come off leaving me looking at things lopsidedly.  Anyway, last night, Mr John and I finished watching something on-line and so turned the TV back on. 

Every channel - and we have 80 odd even though the majority of those are Thai language only - was showing this screen and some really ordinary music was playing.  Apparently, it was the Army radio station. 

So on Tuesday it wasn't a coup but by 6:30pm last night it was.  I've never lived in a country that's had a coup before and I waiver between having a grab bag ready to leave the country you know just passport and credit card oh, and clean pants and being intriguingly excited.  Mr John is just cheesed off that he can't watch his TV!

There's a curfew in place across the country so we have to be in our homes by 10pm and can't resurface until 5am.  Mr John has helpfully pointed out that there's little point being indoors at those times as there's no TV to watch anyway.  He's so practical.

So they've shut down the TV and radio channels and we await now to hear more news.  Because it was a school night, we hadn't been out anyway, so I don't know if the Army are out on the streets in Chan or not.  I do know that the Hang Out was closed by 10pm. 

And another order issued, for some reason, has closed all the schools today, so Mr John is once again under my feet bless him. You can read the detailed story here.

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