21 May 2014

Marshall Law

As you all know, I am "a-political" on this blog but I thought some of you might be concerned about us and I better let you all know how things are. 

The story so far is that anti-government protests have been taking place since November last year, the Prime Minister was removed from office earlier this month by the Constitutional Court and at 3am on Tuesday morning the Royal Thai Army declared martial law.  The General, who's in charge, has said this is not a coup and that it's been invoked to maintain peace and order whilst the political situation is sorted out.  At this point in time, there is a proposal for another election on August 3rd.

Mr John and I went to the Hang Out last night to see Pii Kob and have a good chat.  We didn't see any soldiers on the street and did not have to present any papers at any checkpoint.  As usual, sleepy old Chan continues to be a sea of calm in the troubled waters that is Thailand politics. There's no need to worry, we're absolutely fine.

So enough of that, onto more serious stuff and the issue of a lack of storage in our bathroom.  I know you can never have enough storage but seriously we have nothing and the plastic holder we have kept falling off the tiled wall all weekend and was driving me nuts.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and so I got creative and thought I should share my results - you know, in case anyone else is thinking the same thing right now.

And here it is!  Fashioned from three empty plastic milk bottles and a good amount of string, this sturdy device manages to hold a number of toiletries.  You could decorate the holders using felt-tip pens or sticky back plastic to ensure it matches your colour palette.  Private message me if you'd like the pattern and instructions . . . .


  1. that looks great! You need to see if you can hunt down some of those little baskets with suction cups on them. I use them in our laundry.

  2. You're right but I haven't found any yet!

  3. Replies
    1. Hola! Thanks, we're fine as thankfully Chan still very sleepy. Appreciate the concern very much


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