30 May 2014

Still fun

Even though the coup is still in place, we continue to have some fun here in Chan.  They've altered the nighty curfew to midnight until 4am.  The TV channels can still be interrupted by another announcement, at any time, and we lost the Fox channel for a while and the foreign news channels are still off-air.  Nonetheless, it still feels a it as though it's happening in another country!

Wednesday saw the first match (of 3) of State of Origin. This is an annual event between the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales (NSW).  Even though he's a blue (NSW) supporter, we invited Iain who works with Mr John round to watch the match. 

He loves his rugby league and was good company and didn't gloat too much.  It was a close one, with NSW winning 12 - 8. Hopefully the tables will be turned in three weeks time.

I met with my friend Kik for coffee this week.  It's always lovely to catch up with her she's a very busy lady and it gives her a chance to practice and improve her English.  Her opinion is that my Thai is coming along but she's not sure how Mr John will get on.  You see Mr John is slightly tone deaf and the Thai language is tonal.

I've mentioned our "laundrette" before but what I've failed to mention is the coffee shop between it and the 7 / 11 store.  The coffee is OK I've had better but then I've definitely had worse and the best bit is the price - only 25 baht for a latte that's less than a meal at the corner shop!

They randomly give you three Ritz biscuits with your coffee which, so far, have always been soft.  Still, it's a good way to pass the 45 minutes / hour that the washing takes when you live too far away to make it worthwhile going home.

Have a great weekend everyone

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