04 June 2014

Learning Thai

I mentioned last week our continuing struggle with the Thai language and then realised that it's been some time since I shared any with you.  So today's "lesson" is on colour or sri as it's known in Thai.  Here, colours have meanings and are also related to the days of the week.  In fact, if you plan on teaching here, you should know the colours for the working week as guys, in particular, should try and wear an appropriately coloured shirt.

The Flag:

The three coloured flag is called Thong Tri Rong

The red represents the nation, the white religion and blue for the King.  In Thai you say

red = sri daeng
white = sri khaow
blue = sri nam-ngen

Other colours:

Sunday = red = sri daeng

Monday = yellow = sri lueng

Tuesday = pink = sri chom-phu

Wednesday = green = sri kweaw   go up at the end of the word

Thursday = orange = sri som

Friday = light blue = sri pha

Saturday = purple = sri mu-ang

Good luck - keep practising!

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