25 July 2014

Fish Palace

It sounds much better in Thai - Wang Pla - but that shouldn't detract from what a lovely spot it is.  It was Tom's birthday Thursday last week and we took him to Pa May's for lunch finally getting a chance to pay him back for all the kindness he has shown us.

But before I tell you about our day, let me wish my nephew Damian a very happy birthday for today.

So, we'd told Tom where we were eating was a surprise and when we were heading back after eating our fill, he got me to turn left off the main road saying he had a surprise.  I couldn't believe this place, which is only about 10 minutes from our house, tucked away on the back roads.

Aptly named, we got some food for the fish.  Looking into the lake, you could see about half a dozen or more reasonably sized fish.  Throw the food into the water and they just come out of nowhere and dive bomb each other in the feeding frenzy. You can check out the action here on my You Tube channel.

We just had some coffee here as we were really full from lunch and it was not a bad filter coffee.  There is accommodation which you can hire for the night, or longer, and apparently for just three hours???  There was a lovely breeze for quite a warm day and I think we'll head here for lunch some time. 

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