18 July 2014

More scars....

Driving over here, whether by bike or car, is quite an experience.  It seems that road rules are definitely more a guideline than the law and you certainly need your wits about you.

We had taken the car back to Pii Kob, but he was worried about us riding in all the rain we've had lately and so told us to hang onto it.  Speaking of the weather, we've been due to have a lot of rain on the back of the typhoon in the Philippines but weirdly the past two days have been picture perfect.  This wasn't the case earlier in the week.  I was making my way back from doing the washing and waiting to turn right. The car in front didn't move for the whole time the lights were green.  There was a police highway car behind me so I refrained from getting heavy with the horn. 

I suspect the guy in front was not local as although the red light for turning right went off, it didn't go green I'm being kind here.  Clearly the policeman didn't have as much patience as he decided he was going round that car and turned the two lane road into three so he could turn right.  Go figure.

This was after a close encounter with a motorbike.  The other day, Mr John and I were waiting on his bike at the lights to turn right.  There was a bike on our left looking like it was going straight on.  Anyway, the other rider must have decided the car in front wasn't moving fast enough and pulled out to the right.  Sadly, that was straight into us. 

His bike was leaning to the right, ours to the left and my left leg was caught in the middle, right on his really hot exhaust pipe.  Man it hurt.  We were stuck in this lopsided position for what seemed like ages.  I had to lean right to help Mr John put the bike upright again and with that, the other bloke rode off. 

Yeah, thanks very much mate, don't' mind me.  I may or may not need to have my leg amputated.  I can tell you, the air was pretty blue. 

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