29 August 2014

Discovery Beach Hotel

Our recent trip to Pattaya saw us stay at this hotel.  We booked through Agoda and got a really good rate of 2000 baht per night.  It was more expensive than the last hotel we stayed at but this one had a bath which was a big seller for us at the moment.  As there were only single bed rooms left when we arrived they upgraded us to the Chic Tower.

This building was lovely though the air-purifier they had in the lobby smelt like a bad dinner - my only complaint and the carpet in the corridors was so thick I actually took my shoes off to walk on it in bare feet.  Our room was amazing and the way they have done the balcony a sort of triangle shape means that you don't see anyone else and feel as if you're the only ones there.

Not only did we make full use of the bath and the rain shower but we also got into the pool. These are the joys of having two nights instead of one.  We didn't eat at the hotel preferring to get stuck in to the western cuisine available in the town so I can't comment on that.

The reception staff and housemaids were very nice, adding to the ambience. We would certainly recommend this place to anyone planning a two night plus visit.  It would be such a waste to only stay in this place for one night and simply sleep in the huge, comfortable bed.

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