20 August 2014


I discovered something new about my e-reader the other day and thought I ought to share it.  I don't know where either of us would be without our Kindle's other e-readers are available.  Mr John and I read voraciously and I often used to complain to him in England about how many books he bought into the house.  Anyway, it's the only way to go if you're travelling or moving in my opinion.  

The obvious benefit is the lack of "baggage" required and whilst one of my brothers and his wife make good use of their local library to feed their reading habit, it's not an option for us. Don't get me wrong, there's a public library just five minutes walk from our house but obviously the books are all in Thai.  Whilst we continue our battle to learn the language, I have no immediate desire to write or read the language figure that will come with time.  My first priority is simply to communicate with people.

So back to the point.  I bought my Kindle second hand and it's never let me down and I assume that's why it didn't come with an instruction book.  I may also be teaching some of you to "suck eggs" thinking I've completely lost the plot, but I found this great feature the other day.  

Now that I'm a poor housewife, I always look for free kindle book unlike my mate Dave who was given a large amount of vouchers recently from work and is madly spending it.  Some of them are quite good, some not so much but then it doesn't matter because they're free. 

Actually, we were both really lucky at Christmas and got sent a gift card from one of my sisters. This was hugely exciting and you've never seen anyone peruse the available books with such determination ensuring maximum value for money.

All this has lead to quite a few pages of book titles and finding the next book to read, or a specific book, can take ages.  Then I came across the "collections" option from the "menu" button.  It's so easy.  You can name the collection and then add any books to it that you want.  I've managed to turn my six pages of book titles into just one.  The possibilities are endless. Now, you may think I need to get out more and you're probably right but no one else has ever told me about this so I figured I'd share the knowledge.   


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    1. Thanks very much Stephen, always nice to be appreciated. Hope you find helpful things on it.

  2. Yes, very helpful. You show that Chanthaburi is a nice place. You seem to be happy there.


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