01 September 2014

'cos I'm happy!!

As you know, cooking in the limited facilities kitchen is a constant battle.  Having lost the use of my gas camping stove recently it's become even more of a challenge.  Feeling reckless with hindsight I found a recipe on the net for garlic and herb bread done in the slow cooker. 

We don't actually possess a slow cooker but the "electric frypan" we bought cooks in the same way.  So I gave it a go. Disaster! It went straight in the bin. Won't be trying that again.

We've had lots of exciting news over the weekend.  Firstly my baby nephew he's actually 30 is going to have his own baby with his lovely girlfriend.  Due next March, it will be the third "great" generation of the family and lovely that the cousins will be close in age.  Secondly, we're due a visit in October from my eldest nephew.  He's coming for a week and we're so excited.  We're thinking a few days on Koh Mak which means it'll be a nice holiday for us too Mr John has his three week break between terms.

As it's the first of the month I thought I'd do a shout out for all the birthdays so.... Happy Birthday to Dayel, Paul, Carla, Ake, Sam, Caroline, me, Abi, Glad and Rachel. And an extra special congratulations to Mike & Joan who've been married for 42 years today.  Where has that time gone?

And finally, I saw this on Facebook over the weekend and had to share it with you all.  This is so true of Thailand and how the road "rules" are more guidelines.  We were only commenting the other day how we have never seen a "learner driver" on the road. You know, the cars that have "L" plastered all over them and a number to ring for lessons. Hmmmm...

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