15 September 2014

Faak Chan

We're reliably informed it's pronounced "fark" but it still makes us giggle! Anyway, Tom decided he needed to take us out for my birthday which is in fact today and on Friday we went to this music venue / restaurant / bar.  We went after Tom closed the shop, which I might point out he did early, and met up with Tor, Pok and Tan (Tom's brother, sister-in-law and niece).

If you want to get a feel for it, check out the short video here

We had a great time, though I think I should have had a "nana nap" in the afternoon.  The Thai's know how to party, though not necessarily with our choice of music.  Around midnight, the lightening started and the rain soon followed. Not to be deterred, the staff were using the large sun umbrellas to ferry people towards the toilets which are downstairs so they wouldn't get wet.

After we left this place, Tom decided he was hungry and took us to a place for food.  I did tell him I was full but it fell on deaf ears.  It's a place run by people of Chinese origin and I struggled to eat my bowl of food.  Perhaps you can empathise with me?  I had been drinking beer with a lot of ice.  Those of you that know me will know that I pretty much never drink beer.  The ice takes the edge off it though and it's simpler to order.  Drinking in the heat here can mean you go straight from sober to the headache stage without the "drunk" and some might say fun part in between.

You can imagine how late it was when we got home and then we had to wait for a bit while the air-conditioner worked its magic in the bedroom!  I think I'm getting a little old for such late nights but they're such lovely people and really, we had a terrific time.

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