22 September 2014

I'm so cold...

Having got up at 04:00 on Friday to get to the school and catch the bus, Mr John finally got home at 21:15.  He coped remarkably well with the day, even with the karaoke that ensued on the bus on the way home.  I think the highlight of the day was "Snow Land" where the temperature was -8 C. Even he was cold!

We've seen some fabulous football matches of all codes over the weekend. Some very close results and sadly Mr John's NRL team - North Queensland Cowboys - are now out of the finals.  Next Saturday is the AFL Grand Final and we're looking forward to that.  It starts at 10am our time.

Mr John decided it was time to get some more wine in over the weekend.  We go for quantity rather than quality here as there's little difference in taste between a 300 baht bottle of wine and a 600 baht one. "Casks" are definitely the way forward this one cost 699 baht which is roughly AUD$25 / GBP£13 / USD$22 and I guess this one should last us about 6 weeks, just like the other one!!

Of course what weekend would be complete without a Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop.  We headed to Doi Chaang and I must admit, the view there always makes me happy we live here.

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