01 October 2014

October? Already?

The rain has returned with a vengeance this week.  Needless to say we haven't yet ventured back into town but fear we will have to soon as the Chinese festival will be finishing soon and it would be rude not to have some more doughnuts.

As the rain has been ever present, I've been taking the opportunity to do a bit more craft work.  With the rain comes cooler temperatures and it's much more conducive to getting on with stuff.  So now we have a perpetual calendar on the wall.  I bought an A4 picture frame and used some pretty paper.

The post from here can take anything from 5 to 10 days to arrive and is never the same twice so I have to think ahead if I want to post something. I'm also used to having to complete "customs" stickers when sending anything overseas, but they don't believe in them here.  I popped a little thing in the post to my sister-in-law in Australia the other day and when it was delivered to her, it came compete with a pamphlet on what you can and cannot send into Australia. I'm not sure why they insist on sending it to her as she clearly didn't post it to herself.  I was nearly in the dog house though as this isn't the first time she's received one of these things!  A few years ago now we sent a bunch get it  of banana related stuff to her it was just an in-joke at the time and because we'd put a pack of dried bananas in, customs took a dim view of the parcel.  I took it all on board though and have not sent anything untoward since.

I've also sorted a white-board for us that I've customised. Invariably, after returning from doing the weekly shop, Mr John will enquire as to whether I got something in particular that I am completely unaware of, so I thought this would help. Of course, the system does rely on him adding things to the list!

The best thing I've had though was a photo sent from my niece under instruction from her son who will be four this month.  I'm thrilled that all the way in Oz and from this gorgeous little man, he wanted his Mum to send me a photo of his colouring in.  The colouring-in book accompanied a small gift for his little brothers' birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, and it being the first of the month, we'd like to send a big shout out to Bitong, Aunty Marilyn, Pete, Johnny Boy, Roman, Kik and Dan. We hope you all have a very happy day.

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