19 November 2014

Festivals R Us

The end of the rainy season festival was on recently. I think someone forgot to tell the "season" though because it continued to rain for at least another week. We're very lucky with this festival as it takes place in the old town which is a five minute stroll from our house.

The food vendors are also fantastic and we often wish we knew where we could find them the rest of the time or that we had them there once a month. Loads of people were out and about and the strangest things was we couldn't walk more than about 100 metres before someone said "hello" to us. Some of these were past students of Mr John but quite a few were friends or acquaintances of ours. 

The other lovely thing we did was go to the park (aka lake) for Loi Krathong. You may remember last year we went to the local temple on the river near our house, but went for something a little different this year. This was partly because our friend Anne took me to the park early in order to make my own krathong. I had a ball and my Thai friends have been very impressed with my abilities! Wonder if there's a full time job for making krathongs?

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