09 December 2014

General news

After posting about our cost of living, I had a whole other post in mind to balance out the positives of living here. Then I saw a few newspaper items and read some books quite a feat here as a few books have been banned lately and having looked at this post everyday last week, have chickened out for the time being. I don't fancy being arrested for any implied criticism. So on with general news.

Pii Kob was in the Scouts
Last Friday was a national holiday so on Thursday evening, Mr John & I walked over to the Hangout. It's about a 20 minute walk so we stopped on the way to have some dinner. The reason for walking? Well, Mr John didn't have school the next day and neither of us have ever taken to drinking and driving. 

Mr John & Mr Han
This was a good opportunity to see Pii Kob and have a few drinks. We were also joined by Pii Noy and Mr Han. These guys can really use English and we had one of the best nights. I felt so bad that our Thai is not better than it is, but also very grateful to everyone for speaking English. We were quite prepared to walk home but Pii Kob dropped us at our door at 2.30am. Oops!

I decided to put the Xmas decorations up this week, It was lovely getting out our little collection of decorations which was greatly enhanced last year from friends and family. The weather has cooled down every so slightly recently which has been a welcome relief. We've also booked ourselves into Pattaya for a night to spoil ourselves with "foreign food" for Xmas.

It's been busy by Tom's the last few days. There's some filming going on that Mr John was involved in on Sunday they wanted some western men. It was a long day for him but he found it fascinating. It'll all be over tomorrow though, which is another national holiday - Constitution Day. That means Post Offices will be closed so I best make sure there's some things ready for posting on Thursday or else Xmas will have come and gone!

Finally, I just want to say a big thank you for the calls and messages of support after I 'fessed up to feeling a little low. It meant the world to me and I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that my "mojo" is slowly returning.

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