05 February 2015

Sport mad

photo courtesy of Aljazeera
What a sporting weekend we've had. Did you watch any of the Asian Cup? Well I was glued because not only was Australia in the final, they won the tournament! It was great watching their matches and the time difference worked in our favour.

We also enjoyed watching the Australian Open. There were some matches that finished very late in the day in Melbourne, but lucky for us these finished around 8pm local time. You've got to love time differences. Add to that the Auckland Nines rugby league for the uninitiated and we barely moved from the couch all weekend. Dinners took a bit a planning so that I wasn't tied to my camping stove at a crucial time!

So as you may have already guessed we are grateful for the varying time zones across the world that enables us to watch a plethora love that word of sport. Next weekend may not be as successful. The Six Nations rugby union starts on Friday and Mr John is a huge fan. He's pretty miffed to say the least that the first match or England starts at 8pm in the UK. That makes it 3am local time and I believe he's currently debating whether he should have an early night and get up to watch it live. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but he's teaching some classes on Saturday one of which is on when they are showing a repeat of the game at a civilised hour!

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