17 June 2015

Monkey Beach

The weather has been really hot lately, no seriously, hotter than it should be this time of year. Also, we haven't had as much rain as we've had previously though I have to keep reminding myself it is only part way through June. Sometimes it appears that rainy season is definitely here and then it clears up for days on end. Unless you're living in Bangkok at the moment. There have been some horrendous storms, mostly in the wee hours of the morning, some flooding which invariably results in commuter traffic chaos. We have some friends living there and it's playing havoc with a good nights sleep.

In fact, it has been so hot lately that I told Mr John we needed to go to the beach the other weekend. Some of the new teachers joined us and we had a lovely afternoon. We headed off to Laem Sing and Ao Krathing or monkey beach as we like to call it. There's ample parking though I found the walk back up to the bike a bit much not being 100% fit.

Of course prior to being even remotely fit enough to do this trip, I dragged Mr John along to the cinema. We went to Big C shopping centre and saw Mad Max at the Major Ciniplex. All films in Chanthaburi are shown in Thai although the trailers for other movies are in English. It's a lovely way to get out of the heat for a little over 100 baht. My only advice, if your Thai is not very good, go for a low or no plot action film

I started back at yoga last week. Its a good reminder of how sick I've been. I find that when my head spends too much time pointing at the floor, I have to stop and sit down. It makes me so giddy but not in a good way

photo courtesy of Orla
TO GET TO MONKEY BEACH: Head to Laem SIng and the large bridge that spans the river. If you're coming from the highway go over the bridge and you will see a large white temple at the end of it. Turn left here and just follow the road. You will see signs for Ao Krathing and end up in the parking lot. Go down the steps to get to the actual beach. Oh, and beware of the monkeys who can steal your bag.

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