22 July 2015


So I was a bit conspicuous by my absence last week and there was a good reason. A very, very dear friend of ours has had a close family bereavement. I don't feel it's my place to discuss this in any detail, so hope that you will forgive my silence.

It's been a time to reflect on a lot of things and we often use phrases rather flippantly don't you think in our everyday lives? The one thing I truly believe though is that there is nothing more important than your health. Mr John and I try to do some exercise every week. This is something that I have been guilty of not doing in the past. It was too easy to blame my job or my age or any thing really.

You'll have to forgive me for leaving you with these reflections today. It's hard to be frivolous or self absorbed when you see your mate so deeply affected by the death of a loved one. 

I would ask that you remember your own loved ones that may no longer walk among us. Maybe more importantly, I would ask that you remember the living. Make that phone call, send that email. Reach out to the people you care about. Let go of those people who don't add anything to your life then you'll have more time for the important things. Finally, never take love and goodness for granted.

I'll leave you with the words by Reinhold Niebuhr that I was taught at school

if the use of "God" offends you, please insert what ever worldly reference suits you

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