03 July 2015

So Grill

A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner here with some of the teachers, including the lovely Deja who left at the end of last month. It was very sad to see her go as she was such a nice person, a ready laugh and an inordinate amount of common sense. Sadly, Thailand just wasn't for her and we wish her lots of luck for her future where a return to medical school beckons.

LtoR Joke, Louise, Deja and Thuy
To celebrate or maybe just as an excuse we checked out this new "all you can eat in two hours" buffet which can be found on the Tesco Lotus road. It costs 499 baht to have the full menu which includes beef and seafood or you can go without those additions and spend 349 baht

The biggest drawback I can see is that your whole table has to have the same menu choice but on the flip side, the price also includes all your drinks (non-alcoholic) which are refilled as and when you want.

Most, but not all the "dead" trays
We ate a seemingly ridiculous amount of food and it was a bit of a challenge cooking over your own set of coals which are set in the middle of the table. I say this because the beef was quite thin and you generally need to keep an eye on the food so you don't overcook it. 

I've got to say the company was awesome and there was a lot of laughter going on. Pretty good considering there was no alcohol consumed. 

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