10 October 2016

The Langham Hotel

So my good intentions of regular writing seem to have backfired. Perhaps it was because I jetted off to Bangkok to spend time with Anne & Graham and their family or because I came back from Bangkok with a head cold - either way, it's led to some slackness on my part. I'll try and fix that. I'm so far behind telling you what we've done, I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up on it all. Fear not, I can be quite determined when I want to be.

Firstly, we've been very lucky overall with Mr John's fellow teachers. They're a nice crowd and we have formed a small but you'll be pleased to know dysfunctional family. We look out for each other and share new information wherever possible. Mr John has been tasked with Grade 3 for this year. As you know, he prefers upper primary and at age eight, it's at the bottom end of what I refer to as his skill set. When he was training, he got to experience a number of age groups and found that he really wasn't quite Wiggles material. Unfortunately, he has to teach Grade 1 English for six lessons a week. On asking how his day had gone the other week, he looked at me with hollow eyes and declared he had spent the morning "sitting on the floor with my legs crossed and clapping my hands in time to the Pig who wore a Wig song" it took me ages to stop laughing.

So he perseveres with Performing Arts if you know him, you'll understand how funny I find this as he has two left feet and is missing being able to teach Math it's only taught in Chinese but thankfully still has Science. A few of his students didn't have English names when they started the year so he took a list of names for them to chose from. One student informed Mr John that he wanted his English name to be Suck. On explaining with the help of the Chinese teacher to this poor child what "suck" meant, he picked Steve from the list. Good call.

Last month Mr John took me to the Langham hotel for my birthday. Wow, what a treat. We were on the 26th floor and had full use of the Club Lounge we like to think of it as the "all inclusive" option. There was quite a bit of rain that weekend and to be honest I was pleased there was. It meant not feeling guilty about hardly leaving the hotel. When you're sat with a lovely glass of Shiraz in the lounge, it seems pointless to be elsewhere.

But there's still so much to tell you about our house but you can read about that here and our flight not to mention Anne & Grahams visit, the Art Museum, the Maritime Museum, my trip to Bangkok, things we've bought for the house and what it's like living in our local area. I need a lie down just thinking about it.

My brother Pete has a birthday today, so happy birthday bro xoxo

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