16 November 2016

I can't see you

So, you may have been wondering why I've haven't posted more on our latest adventure. Especially as I am completely besotted with Shanghai as a city. Before tomorrow happens, I thought I should explain myself.

You see, before we left the UK for China, I had a bit of a health scare. Going for, what I thought, was a routine eye exam which was definitely going to end in a glasses prescription I know it's not just me that finds they print packaging with smaller and smaller typeface I actually ended up at the Royal Liverpool Hospital Eye Clinic. To cut a rather long story short, I had bleeding behind my left eye. 

You can imagine how devastating this was especially when they start saying comforting things like "it could have been a stroke". I'm not a sickly person and I must say I really didn't handle the news that well. However, it went from you could have had a stroke to give this report and CD to the Chinese doctor when you get there. In my head I was like "make up your mind, either I'm about to die or it's ok to fly half way round the world and the resultant pressure on my eyeball".

So all in all, it's been a fairly stressful few months. This was not helped last week when the eye specialist in Shanghai confirmed that the treatment is for them to stick needles in my eye. Now don't get me wrong, I know there are worse things in the world and that there's a lot of people in much worse health than me and my heart goes out to them, but this is me and this is now. I'm alternately scared, terrified and fatalist. 

The worst bit has been having to put drops in my eyes every four hours for the past three days. Forget about putting things to the back of your mind and dealing with them when you need to, no! We'll put an alarm in your smart phone so that every four hours you can remember that they're going to put needles into your eyeball on Wednesday. Hurrah!

Poor Mr John has coped all the fall out, from having to hold me as I sob uncontrollably into his shoulder to being told he is without doubt the most unsympathetic and therefore worst person in the world. He needs a medal quite frankly.

So this morning my mate Ines and I are off to the China Art Museum (Shanghai). I first went here when Anne & Graham were visiting but we only had an hour and didn't even venture upstairs. The building itself is incredible (effectively it's upside down getting wider at the top) and I'm really looking forward to it. They also have a Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee shop. If that doesn't keep my spirits up, nothing will.

So keep your fingers crossed for me and don't forget to keep an eye on Instagram which is much more likely to be up to date than the blog. 

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