13 February 2017

I can see you!

OK, not quite but nearly.....

Since my last post, I have had a second injection in my eye. This one hurt even more than the first and I said quite shrilly to Mr John the other day "if they say I need a third injection I'm going to have to ask what the consequences are of not going ahead". I really didn't think I could handle another one.

Then, on my one week check following the second needle, they told me I wouldn't need another one. I instantly started crying and then went completely, like manically, happy. I left a voice message for Mr John that I'm pretty sure had to be translated by a small dog because my hysteria had made my voice go ridiculously high pitched. 

I decided on my way out that a celebratory drink was required and luckily our friend Paolo was downtown. I messaged him to hook up but he was in the most expensive part of town something I completely forgot about until we started looking for a bar. After 20 minutes of walking around and finding two closed establishments, like a child at the end of a sugar rush, I decided I couldn't be bothered and really just wanted to go home.

So my 4 week check up was last Thursday and I've been given the all clear to go and get a proper pair of prescription glasses. This is the day I've been waiting for. Until now, I've had to make do with "off the shelf" reading and distance glasses. Throw your sunglasses in on a good day and I'm carrying three pairs around with me. As neither pair of glasses I have do the job properly, I find I can only concentrate on doing this for a short period of time. Then comes a headache which nobody wants. 

To cut an even longer story short, I pick up my new "progressive" glasses on Friday. I can't wait. I've already set up the spare bedroom as a craft room and my sewing machine will finally come out of its box after four very sad, lonely years. I might even manage to complete the scrapbook I've started for the 80 day around the world holiday we did back in October 2004. Hope springs eternal

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