About Me

Why Mrs John? It's not that I'm from a different era or am anti-feminist, far from it.  Whilst we're living in Asia, there are certain sounds that are difficult for locals to pronounce when speaking English.  Our surname causes a lot of issues and so my husband is often referred to as Mr John - it's just easier.  Hence, by default, I became Mrs John.

I've put this blog together for a few reasons
  • to let all our fiends and family scattered all over the world keep up to speed during our time here
  • to learn a new skill
  • it was difficult to find information about Chanthaburi, in English, on the internet before we arrived there so hopefully other people will find the information here useful
  • Shanghai is such a fabulous city and although there is plenty of information out there it would be a shame not to give you my take on living here
Having run a business together for ten years, Mr John got himself qualified in Primary Teaching.  I'd had a long and reasonably successful career in Financial Services but still didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up, so I've retired early. Now, I don't know how I fitted work in, my day is so varied and action packed. 

I enjoy seeing new things, putting my feet up, cooking, putting my feet up, reading, putting my feet up, eating, putting my feet up .... you get the idea right?

We spent three years in eastern Thailand and now here we are in Shanghai. I've learned a new life skill over the past few years - how to adapt to living in a foreign environment quickly. I am eternally grateful to my soul mate who's allowed me the freedom to do whatever I want without any complaints when the washing's piling up and we need to go out for dinner because I haven't had time.

I hope you have as much fun reading this blog as I have had putting it together and I look forward to sharing our experiences with you.  Please leave comments and feedback to help me develop this blog and to let us know we're in your thoughts.