09 April 2014

Immigration has moved

Last week Mr John had to report, as he does every 90 days, to the Chanthaburi Immigration Office.  I'm not due to report until the 27th of this month so it was too early for me.  You can report seven days before and up to seven days after the date they stick into your passport.  Off we went to the place we've been frequenting (it's a miracle we don't have a loyalty card) for nearly a year now only to find IT'S NO LONGER OPEN.

Oh my goodness, me and this immigration office just don't get on.  Fortunately, there were officials - not in any uniform but they did have official badges slung around their necks - who showed us a map (an A4 piece of paper with some lines on it).  Turns out the whole office has been moved to opposite the new Post Office.

If you're not sure where this is, simply head towards Big C but turn left (if you're coming from the lake) at the Eastern Hotel.  Follow this road past Orbit (night club) and you'll see it on you're left.  It's a big building fortunately and therefore hard to miss.  We parked to the left of the building and made our way in through the side entrance.  This was really fortunate as there was the office just on the right.  In true Thai style, there are no signs to help you.  To be fair, they may add them in the future however, like the old place, they are likely to be in Thai only  .

Is it just me that thinks Immigration should have signs in other languages?

Opening hours are 08:30 - 16:30 with lunch closing between 12:00 - 13:00

And don't forget the big push for April 24 and our fashion revolution.  Spread the word people.

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  1. Searched Google, no information on immigration... thank god for your blog!

    1. Thanks Emma, glad I was able to help


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