27 June 2014


Let me say it, I love my motorbike. The freedom and convenience it gives me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still quite mindful that it's just me and a helmet on a road often chaotic with traffic.  And maybe that's where the problem lies?  You see, I'm not sure my motorbike loves me.

It rained all day on Wednesday, the clouds didn't shift and visibility inside the happy home was getting close to negative figures.  As the rain eased to a light drizzle, I persuaded Mr John to meet me at Vintage Coffee as he had a break.  It was close enough given that the heavens could re-open at any point and in fact, he could walk there.  Duly liberated, I relished the thought of my latte. 

Everything went well until I was on my way home.  I felt a wobble in the handlebars at low speed and though some might say "don't go slowly then", I had a look at the tyres whilst waiting for a break in the traffic at the crossroads.  My front wheel looked a little flat and I considered heading to the nearest garage but I was a complete coward as the wobble got worse and limped it home.

So Tom to the rescue along with "Tyre-man" our superhero.  He turned up on a motorbike with extra framing that carried his stuff.  In under 30 minutes he'd replaced the inner tube, blown it up and it was all lovely again.  All this for the modest price of 220 baht that's roughly GBP£4 / AUD$7 / USD£6.70 or four days with of dinners for the two of us at the corner shop.  If you get stuck, you can call him on 086-1124993 though I would recommend you have a Thai friend handy as he doesn't speak English.

Just when you think Lollipop Cafe couldn't get any better .... it does.  Not only can you get takeaway from them, but you can give them a call and they'll have your food waiting for you at an agreed time.  You can even book ahead ... genius!  Just go to their Facebook page to get the phone number ok so it's 090 982 1293 but don't forget they're closed on Wednesdays.

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