30 July 2014

Booties & Bad Weather

It's been quite a week already and this morning I've waived Mr John off on his trip to Bangkok.  The school are taking some teachers up there for a professional development course which he's hoping is conducted in English.

Pre beard trim for Mr John
In preparation for this big event, we went and had our hair cut at Art Hair with the lovely Kik.  Mr John went for a complete change after I'd spotted a "do" on a Queensland Reds rugby player that I thought would suit him.  And do you know, having spent hundreds of pounds over the years having my hair chemically straightened which is really cool I have now gone completely feral and my hair is getting even curlier than it used to be.

We also skipped tea at Tom's last night and headed to our favourite Lollipop CafĂ© for Spaghetti Carbonara.  They also occasionally do a pulled pork burger which is rapidly becoming a favourite of ours.  It's so meaty and flavoursome ... yum! 

Anyway, whilst we were there we got to see the gorgeous Lolli who is the sweetest thing and is happy on anyone's lap.  We have friends who have a dog called Lotte and I kept calling her that, poor thing.  She looks nothing like "our" Lotte.  They are, however, both very cute.

Pre spreading
One thing I've never mentioned on here is how good our landlord, Pii Pang, is.  It's quite extraordinary.  In over six months in the old house we never saw anyone.  During the same time here we've had our air-conditioner vacuumed twice and the garden at the back well more like jungle really tended to.  Then yesterday, following some pretty heavy rain on Monday, the driveway was being given a helping hand.  We love living here.

And speaking of the rain, about 3pm on Monday it got so dark that really I should have put the lights on in the house.  The heavens opened and the wind that came with it saw me battling to get the clothes back inside the house Monday is washing day.  This wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been in the middle of pampering myself.  I had a moisturising mask on my face and moisturising "booties" on my feet and my thirty minutes as per the instructions were nowhere near up.  The wind nearly blew my face mask off and my steps were none too stable in the booties which were full of various creams as I gave up trying to get any form of shoe on.  It took a while to replace the traumatised feeling with one of calm and tranquillity I can tell you.

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