03 May 2015

Don't Panic!

Wow, what an amazing few months we've had. I really hope you've been following our exploits on Instagram but rest assured I will tell you all about our adventures over the coming weeks. 

In some ways it all feels like a wonderful dream but then I see the washing pile and know it was real. All I really need to do is get rid of this awful cold that has come on with a vengeance since last weekend and I'll be able to get on top of everything.

Though it's been little over a week since we waved Hannah off to the airport, we've celebrated Mr Johns birthday and are currently in the middle of another five day weekend (Songkran was also a five day break). Last Friday was Labour Day and Tuesday is Coronation Day so the powers that be decided that Monday should also be a public holiday.

To cap it all off, Wednesday next week (May 13) is Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day and this is also a national holiday. I think Mr John feels a little ripped off as all these holidays come when he is already on school summer holidays. Yes he still has two weeks before he's back in class and I can get back to routine.

So, whilst we try and get the house back into order, I keep taking medicinal whiskey and Mr John ensures routines are not adhered to, I'll leave you with some pictures of our past month.

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