06 October 2015

Countdown ... 1 ...

Yes people, in a week from now we will be in Hanoi and I'm already too excited. Of course, this may also be because of Super Saturday as I like to call it when everyone ok, so not exactly everyone arrives in Bangkok. Mr John and I have opted to only take carry-on luggage of 7kgs each. This is a whole new experience for him and has taken some persuading.

This isn't a problem for me though it does restrict my shoe allowance until I recently discovered Junk Journals or Smash Books as some people call them. Regular readers will know that I love doing creative stuff and I can't believe I've not come across these until recently damn you Pinterest!! Anyway, if I don't stop tinkering with the preparation of my junk journal soon, my entire 7 kilos is going to be taken up by said journal. I was going to share this with you today, but think it needs a whole post to itself.

Because I have so many exciting things that happened this weekend. Did you see the Rugby World Cup? Did you? We did mwah ha ha. Saturday well, technically it was Sunday at 02:00 here night Australia played England. Whenever these two teams play, Mr John and I get as close as we can to "falling out". This is a bit unusual in our house as we get on really, really well. Still, it's always good to mix things up.

To cut a long and for Mr John very painful story short - AUSTRALIA WON HURRAH! Not jut that but England, who is hosting the tournament, in now out of the running for the quarter finals which start on October 17. Of course, this Saturday Australia will play Wales to decide who tops the group. I'm hoping we'll win as the draw to the finals appears slightly easier than if you come second. So fingers crossed. In the meantime, Mr John is speaking to me again which is always nice.

In honour of the big occasion and honestly, because I wanted to defrost the freezer I made a Moroccan Lamb & Feta salad for dinner. I bought the lamb when I was in Australia in March / April. It was a beautiful backstrap and I knew when I got it, it would make a great warm salad. What I didn't realise was how good it could be. We both really enjoyed it but sadly that's now all our imported meat gone. Very sad about that but at least we got to enjoy it. I recommend this easy menu if you have access to lamb!

Some of the high school English teachers I know have pretty much finished for the term. In fact, some are even officially on holiday. This is lovely because I get to do things like have coffee with Emma at Latte Coffee House. What a civilised way to start the day. Anyway, since last time I was there, they've put covers over the outside tables. They look really cute and I'm sure they've been helpful with all the rain we've had lately.

We've been getting the fallout from the tropical storms that have been hitting Taiwan and China the past week or so. It's been torrential and we didn't go anywhere on Sunday. Still, I guess that's what the weekends are for. Hope you enjoyed yours.

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