08 June 2016

Wet, Wet, Wet

Yes, no, not that 80s band who spent 15 weeks at No 1 in 1994 with Love is All Around but the weather here at the moment. Rainy season has definitely arrived and this past week there's been rainfall every day in varying amounts and times. In fact, last Tuesday it pretty much rained the whole day. It's reminding us of our first year here. But I digress.

The result is that I've mostly been hanging around the house which doesn't result in anything interesting to share with you but, as always This is Thailand (TiT) so there's always something!

just like this one!
Last Sunday we took our morning coffee over to Toms corner shop and enjoyed one of Tan's lovely omelettes for brunch. Whilst sitting there, a taxi went around the corner and a large bag of beans fell out of the back. Quite a number of people, us included, yelled out to the driver albeit he probably wouldn't have understood us. Fortunately, there were enough Thai people hollering and so he stopped outside our old house and proceeded to dice with death at the intersection to retrieve said beans. 

Nothing weird about that I hear you say, and you'd be right. But as he was dodging cars and bikes his taxi started moving forward, slowly, down the street. Mr John and I were in hysterics, it was like something from a comedy show. Of course, the yelling started again and thankfully the car had only gone about 30 metres before he jumped back into the drivers seat and carried on. Honestly, I keep telling all our visitors that you don't need TV when you live in our neck of the woods. Just sit yourself down at one of Toms tables and watch what goes on. 

Another great pass time here seems to be "rearrange the supermarket". I'm not sure if it comes our of boredom or what day of the week it is or if  Jupiter is aligning with Mars but this is a regular occurrence here in Chanthaburi. Tesco Lotus is currently going through a major upheaval. I arrived at the fresh food section to find a large white tarpaulin over everything and all the fridge shelving missing. Took a little while longer to get the weekly shop done, I can tell you. I had to call into my favourite "shop that sells everything" the other day and even they have been at it is nothing sacred? 

New Travelodge
I've also been trying to get to the pool a few times a week but with the weather, it's been a bit too wet for swimming. Yes, I know how that sounds but hang in there. Obviously when you're in the pool, you're already wet so rain is not an issue. However, if you need to ride a motorcycle to the pool and it's lashing down this can cause dangerous driving condition. Hence, it becomes too wet to go to the pool. 

It's not just here of course, the rain played havoc with the matches at the French Open with the Seine at a record high level and Sydney was really rocked by torrential rain at the weekend. Keep safe out there people.