27 January 2015

Year of the Visitor

Yes, yes, I know that under the Chinese zodiac it's the Year of the Goat funnily enough some websites refer to it as the sheep but in our house it's definitely the Year of the Visitor. I've been waiting on some flight confirmations before telling you all how excited we are about 2015.

Firstly, my sister Anne and her lovely husband Graham are coming to visit. One of the highlights of their trip will be a Thai cooking course and we're looking forward to some time in Bangkok with them. The gorgeous Leon is also going to be back with us for Songkran he has no idea what he's in for and we have a trip to Koh Chang booked. And as if that wasn't enough, Hannah niece 1 is also coming to see us after meeting up with Ross in Hong Kong and we have a trip to Koh Mak booked with her. We can't wait to see everyone.

Sadly, this means I am likely to miss some sessions with my Torturer aka yoga instructor. Yes, I continue to try and master the human pretzel look. Unfortunately, she's still winning at the moment! Seriously though, the girls including the Torturer are just lovely. Very friendly and including. I'd like to say I'm feeling the benefit but for now, getting up from a chair is still a bit of an issue after class!

I was out and about the other day doing some bits and pieces and stopped to go into one of the shops. These cans were on display outside the shop and it caused me to do a double take. I'm assuming "ATM" is the brand name and that these cans of paint are not to be used on ATMs Automatic Telling Machines - you know, cash points!. It did make me chuckle quite a bit though, and gave some evidence to the "This is Thailand" TIT quote that everyone uses here.

My cooking adventures continue and Mr John is still enjoying the flatbread. I thought I ought to let you know about a new cut of meat we tried the other day - Pork Butt I still giggle like a school girl every time I say it. I thought we'd give it a go in curry on the basis that Mr John and I like pork cheek - can't go wrong, right? 

Believe it or not, it was delicious. Perhaps because it was done in the electric frypan aka slow cooker but it was incredibly moist and had more of a lamb texture to it. I know that sounds a bit weird but it didn't taste like chicken, which is usually what people say. Anyway, if you get a chance, try it.

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